Dealing with the Elusive Customer

Debt Collection Michigan

After your customer’s paying habits deteriorate, he or she may become elusive and avoid communication. Rather than picking up the phone and discussing the account, he or she may let your calls go straight to voicemail and won’t return them. On occasion, you may find that your customer’s voice mailbox is full and can accept no further calls. 

Elusion is a red flag. Put your customer at the top of your list for monitoring payments and exercise extreme caution when considering any further credit.

Keep in mind, however, that the phone may not be the only way to communicate with your debtor. Possible solutions might include:

  1. Show up on the debtor’s doorstep – Visiting your debtor may result in meaningful face-to-face communication, but there are potential drawbacks. Your debtor could have moved, or upon arrival rather than getting paid you may discover your debtor prefers to engage in a verbal confrontation.
  2. Email – Look for an email address on the customer’s credit application, letterhead, purchase order, or website.
  3. Fax – Sometimes even when the voicemail is down, the fax machine still works. A fax number may also appear on a letterhead, website or credit application.
  4. Text – Even if the voicemail is full, your contact may still accept a text message.

If getting a phone number or address could get your collection efforts back on track, you may want to consider skip tracing. 

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