How to Train Your Staff in Billing Matters

Are you training your staff to deal with billing matters properly?

Do you have an effective billing strategy in place?

Do you need help training your staff on billing matters?

The documents you collect through your billing system only benefit you if they’re accurate. Errors, ambiguities, and omissions create confusion and may cause you collection headaches. Even your best customers will refuse to pay your invoices if they’re confused about the numbers that appear on the documents you send.

Input data accurately

The measure of a good billing system is how efficiently your staff recognizes and corrects mistakes, and makes prompt, courteous corrections to customer accounts backed up by documents such as credit and debt memos.

Using the correct forms

“Why does my statement show a debit when I’m entitled to a credit for a return of merchandise?” Your data entry person probably grabbed the wrong form and issued a debt memo instead of a credit memo. Perhaps your data entry staff needs a bit more training about what each form stands for and its role in the billing system.

Respecting confidential and sensitive data

Never forget that your files contain sensitive data, including business account numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and other sensitive customer data. State and federal laws are in place to protect customers, so you need to have a system set up for the destruction of documents. Train staff members about your company’s legal duties, and provide sufficient supervision to ensure that they’re protecting customer data.

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