Situations that May Require a Write Off

Debt Collection Michigan

Do things look bleak for your debt collection efforts?

Have you determined that the debts owed to you are uncollectable?

Talk to an experienced debt collection attorney in Michigan today to ensure that nothing else can be done.

You can pursue debts owed to you up to a point. You can use your knowledge and instincts, along with advice from experienced debt collection attorneys, to determine the point at which you must write off the debt so you can return your focus to your paying customers.

  1. Out of business customers – If the debtor is an entity such as a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or similar entity separate from its owners, and it’s out of business with no remaining assets, your decision whether to write off the debt turns largely on your ability to locate the owners or locate any remaining assets.  
  2. Debtors who can’t be found – When an individual who is personally liable for what you’re owed can’t be located, despite the best efforts of you and any professionals you’ve hired, it may be time to write off the debt.
  3. Customers in bankruptcy or receivership – When customers file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor’s attorney knows there will likely be no assets to liquidate. If your debtor is in receivership, you may have to wait several months after receiving a notice and then ask the receiver about the prospects of obtaining any recovery.
  4. Claims on a deceased debtor’s estate – When an individual who owes you money dies, you may have to consider setting the collection effort aside. 

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