How to Minimize the Impact of Non-Sufficient Fund Checks

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Did you receive a check that bounced?

Were there nonsufficient funds?

How can you minimize the impact of nonsufficient fund checks?

Sometimes receiving a check from a debtor is only half the battle. Having the check clear the bank is the critical part. Because so many of your customers are issuing multiple checks at the same time to various creditors, it’s incumbent upon you to get to the bank to deposit them as you receive them. In this case, time really is money!

With a few simple steps you can minimize the incidence and impact of NSF checks and the associated “bad check” fee from your bank. Follow these rules:

  1. Deposit checks as soon as they arrive: If your customer has numerous outstanding checks, being the first creditor to the bank makes it more likely that your check will clear.
  2. Anticipate NSF checks: Customers occasionally submit bad checks. You need to be proactive. Maintain sufficient balances in your accounts and arrange for overdraft protection so when you unknowingly deposit a check that your customer doesn’t have the funds to cover, you don’t end up bouncing your own checks.
  3. Know your customer: Is your customer careless with accounts and payments, or is your customer experiencing cash-flow problems? 

When a check you deposit doesn’t clear, your bank will return the check to you. The check will have a number of markings on the front and back, indicating when and where it was processed, and that it was rejected because of nonsufficient or insufficient funds. If the customer doesn’t immediately offer to replace the NSF check with a cashier’s check, deposit the same check a second time. 

The second time may be the charm and it may clear. Monitor your account to see if it fails to clear a second time, and if it does, seek debt collection help immediately. It’s time for aggressive action to be taken by the experts at Muller, Muller, Richmond and Harms, P.C. 

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