Judgment Collection Specialist in Michigan

Judgment Collection Specialist Michigan

Were you awarded a judgment, but you’re not sure how to collect on it?

Are your debtors avoiding payment?

Are you frustrated by the challenges of try to seize your debtor’s assets?

Judgment recovery can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t do it every day. In fact, you can collect a judgment by seizing property, seizing assets, and even by garnishing wages or tax returns. 

According to Michigan Courts, “To get an order to seize property or an order for garnishment, you will first need to know where the judgment debtor lives and works, what assets he or she has and where these assets are located, and any other information that identifies the judgment debtor and his/her property.

  • If you have the information described above, you can start the process for an order to seize property or an order for garnishment. 
  • If you don't have the information described above, you will need to order the judgment debtor to appear in court for questioning through a process called discovery. You can start this process by filing a discovery subpoena.”

When you feel like you’ve reached a dead end trying to collect on your own, it may be time to let our judgment collection specialist in Michigan fight for your creditor’s rights. If you’re struggling to collect on unpaid invoices and need help finding a solution, our experts handle in-state, out of state, and international judgments against debtors located in Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the amount I’m owed isn’t much? Isn’t it a waste of time?

A: Absolutely not! Call us whether the debt you’re owed is $3,000 or $300,000!

Q: I have debtors all over the state of Michigan. Can you help me?

A: Yes, we handle cases all over the state of Michigan. Almost no case is too big or too small!

Q: I’m very busy at work and don’t have time for collections. How much time will collecting from my debtors take?

A: Each case is different, how long your case will take to get settled and paid will vary. Our judgment collection specialist in Michigan do all the hard work, so all you may have to do is show up in court or sign a few papers.

Take the First Step! Hire a Judgment Collection Specialist in Michigan!

If you need help collecting on a judgment, your first step is easy. Fill out the information form on our “Contact Us” page, or give us a call at 248-645-2440, to ask questions and figure out your next steps. Don’t let the money owed to you go away – get started today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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