Insurance Company Debt Collection in Michigan

Debt Collection Michigan

Are you an insurance company looking for debt collection in Michigan?

Are your policyholders failing to make their monthly payments?

Do you hear nothing but excuses as to why payments are late?

Muller, Muller, Richmond, & Harms, P.C. has experience and understanding with complex insurance claims and disputes. Non-payment between an insurer and its policyholders is not uncommon, but often simply clarifying the policy’s payment requirements can be enough to resolve disputes.

We understand which tactics and strategies are most effective. Our debt collection attorneys have skills and new technology they can utilize to locate people who’ve moved or changed phone numbers. We are aggressive, but professional. We work to find the quickest and most efficient way for our clients to collect. This may include asset attachment through a court officer, garnishing the debtor's accounts, placing liens, conducting debtor exams or other ethical collection methods.

Why Choose Muller Law Firm?

Since 1961, our top rated lawyers have been dedicated to professionally and aggressively pursuing the money you’re owed in a straightforward, ethical manner. With offices in Birmingham and Grand Rapids, we handle claims against debtors located in Michigan, even if you are located out of state.

If you need help settling a debt owed to your business by a debtor in Michigan, contact our experienced attorneys for a resolution to your debt collection matters.

Let our experts handle all the work for you! If you’d like to speak to one of our expert attorneys about debt collection in Michigan, give us a call at 248-645-2440. Stand up for your rights as a business owner, and get what you’re owed!


Muller, Muller, Richmond, & Harms, P.C

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