Can I File a Claim on a Deceased Debtor’s Estate?

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When an individual who owes you money dies, you should follow up for collection. You do this by filing a proof of claim with the person’s probate estate in the probate court of the county where the debtor resided. Check with the probate court where the estate was filed, as it may have a standard claim form for creditor’s claims.

Conventional pre-and post-judgment remedies are no longer effective after a debtor dies. For example, if you garnished a bank account or the income of your debtor who died, your garnishment will become ineffective because the assets have either passed to an heir (done automatically with joint accounts) or the probate court now has all the assets. Assets pass to heirs or the probate court upon death.

As a part of the probate process, the estate’s administrator will propose a distribution of the deceased’s assets. If the estate has enough money to pay you in full, great! If not, you’ll have to decide if you want to try to challenge the proposed distribution to get more money or write off the additional balance owed.

Filing a proof of claim or opening a probate estate only applies to individual debtors. Corporations, limited partnerships, LLCs and other business entities live on after the death of their owners.

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