Figuring Out What to Do When Your Debtor Relocates

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Are you frustrated because your debtors are moving out of state?

Are you having a hard time keeping track of your debtors?

Are you wondering how you can still collect on your judgment?

People move around – it’s what people do. Quite literally, debtors can be moving targets – hard to keep track of and hard to collect from.

When a debtor moves, use your best skip-tracing efforts to locate them. Make demands on your debtor in the new location and try to persuade them to pay. Verifying an address, phone number, and a new bank account or place of employment furthers the cause. When you’re trying to collect a judgment from someone who has moved away, remember:

  1. States are obligated to recognize judgments obtained in other states under the Full Faith and Credit provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Most states have foreign judgment recognition laws to facilitate enforcement of international judgments.
  2. When the amount owed justifies the additional effort and expense, depending on where your debtor is located, you may be able to enforce your judgment in a foreign country.
  3. You may be able to recover additional fees and court costs associated with chasing your debtor to the new location to collect your judgment. You should discuss this with your debt collector up front so you don’t end up with a huge bill for costs that may be deducted from the money you recover.
  4. Expect that you’ll need to hire a debt collector in the new state to enter the judgment with that state’s rules, and initiate collection proceedings there.

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