How Debt Collectors Prepare Your Case for Court!

Are you prepared to go to court?

Are you prepared to be questioned by a judge?

Do you have all the evidence to support your claims?

If the answer is, “No” then you should have a debt collector in Michigan on your side prepared to fight for your rights in court. 

When you’ve made the decision to file a lawsuit, you need to think about how you’re going to prove your case. In most collection cases, your evidence comes from witness testimony and documents. 

If you have a witness you must prepare them for the trial beforehand. Your witness should be able to communicate clearly, both with their words, and through body language and a sense of confidence. If your witness is unclear, hesitant, or fails to make eye contact while you’re discussing an important point, this may be a weakness in the eyes of a judge.

If you have any documents (and you should), make sure you have everything you could possibly need to prove your case! Depending on the issues, or the defenses that are raised, you may need documents from multiple departments within your company. Don’t leave a single stone unturned! 

If the debtor’s refusal to pay is based on highly technical areas such as product liability, take a step back and consider using a professional to negotiate a settlement or to represent your company in court. Product liability awards can involve huge amounts of money and may be very complicated to prove.

Contact Our Debt Collectors in Michigan!

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