Business Rights Regarding Credit and Debt Collection in Michigan

Bill Collector in Michigan

Do you own a small business?

Are you struggling to balance your books?

Are you looking for a bill collector in Michigan that can help you follow through with late paying customers?

When it comes to late-paying customers, they often fall into three categories:

  • Customers who want to pay their bills, but can’t do it on time because of real financial problems.
  • Customers who want to delay or juggle payments.
  • Customers who, no matter what, will do whatever they can to avoid making any kind of payment.

If you’re dealing with any of these types of late-paying customers or clients, we want to help! We can help you and your business get back on track and stop wasting time tracking down debtors. Our clients come from many different industries, and debts come in many shapes and sizes such as:

  • Medical
  • Financial Services
  • Credit Grantors
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Child Support
  • Personal Loans
  • Personal guarantees
  • Deficiency Balances
  • Breach of Contract
  • Auto, Home, and other related personal obligations

A good rule of thumb is to act quickly and stay determined! No matter what kind of client or customer you’re dealing with, acting quickly will ensure that you maintain your right to the money you’re owed. By staying determined in your dealings with late-paying customers, you can ensure the best settlement possible.

Get Your Invoices Paid On-Time

There are many things you can do to combat debtors who aren’t paying their bills. The experienced bill collectors in Michigan at Muller Law Firm suggests the following:

  1. Make polite requests by phone
  2. Send clearly written letters
  3. Get promissory notes from your debtors
  4. Initiate court proceedings
  5. Seize debtors’ property as payment (where entitled to do so by law)
  6. Garnish wages (where entitled to do so by law)
  7. Place a lien on debtor’s property (where entitled to do so by law)

There’s no reason you should wait until the end of the month to send an invoice or a past-due notice to your customers. Send invoices immediately when they are created or when they become past-due.

Don’t Let The Statute of Limitations Run Out!

According to Michigan law, “the statute of limitations, or the period of time within which legal action may be brought, in Michigan for a breach of contract is 6 years (MCL 600.5807(8)).

Once the creditor is successful in this lawsuit (which the consumer has the right to defend) the creditor has a ‘judgment.’  A judgment can be collected on for as long as 10 years from the date the judgment was entered.  A debtor must be aware that judgments may be renewed by action on the collector's behalf for an additional 10 years (MCL.600.5809 (3)).”

Don’t wait till the last minute to collect on a judgment! If you’re concerned about the amount of time and effort you’ll have to invest in filing for a judgment, hire a bill collector in Michigan to handle your case. At Muller, Muller, Richmond, & Harms, P.C., we specialize in commercial collections, and we’re happy to discuss your options!

Bill Collector in Michigan: Fights for Your Creditors’ Rights!

The attorneys at our firm takes pride in enforcing judgments on behalf of our creditor clients. We work hard to achieve results and utilize a variety of methods to ensure that our clients recover everything owed to them. The fact that our firm has been doing collections work for more than 50 years makes us a reliable and reputable resource for our clients who are expecting results.

Our attorneys are top rated by AV Martindale-Hubbell, AV Preeminent, and Super Lawyers, and they truly care about your case. Our staff is always available for a free initial strategy meeting to build a relationship with you and figure out what you need.

“The Mullers have been outstanding, working with my company to collect unpaid invoices. They're professional and get results, and aren't afraid to tell you bad news if it needs to be said. I recommend the firm highly! Call Mike Muller with your collections and he will guide you through the process!”

Nicklaus Suino, Michigan SEO Group, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Time To Hire a Bill Collector in Michigan?

When you hire one of our expert attorneys, you can be sure that we will work hard to get the results you expect, and do it in an ethical, timely manner. We will aggressively seek what’s owed to you.

Contact our experienced collection firm to speak with a bill collector in Michigan today at (248) 645-2440 for an immediate resolution to your collection matters. Let the experts worry about your collections, so you have more time to focus on growing your business.

If you want to use our debt collection services, your first step is easy. Fill out the information form on our “Contact Us” page, or give us a call at 248-645-2440, to ask questions and figure out your next steps. We offer a free consultation and strategy meeting, and no fees unless you win!


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