The Enforcement and Collection of Attorney Fees

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Are you wondering whether you can force your debtor to pay your attorney fees? We’ve got everything thing you need to know and more, right here!

Pursuing Debt Collection in Michigan

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What You Must Know About Attorney Fees for Debt Collection in Michigan

According to on attorneys fees, Michigan follows “what is commonly referred to as the ‘American rule’ with regard to awards of attorney fees. As a result, attorney fees are generally only recoverable as provided by specific statute, court rule, common-law exception, or contract.”

“One common-law exception to the American Rule is where “the party requesting payment of the fees has been forced to incur them as a result of the other party’s unreasonable conduct in the course of litigation.”

Interest can be charged on delinquent accounts and enforced in the state of Michigan, but it needs to be incorporated into your application of credit or contract. A clause providing for your recovery of reasonable collection cost and attorney fees should also be included in the application of credit or contract. In the state of Michigan, the charges are not enforceable, unless they are in writing and signed by the customer.

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