How to Prepare Your Alternative Dispute Resolution

Debt Collections Michigan

Want to save time and get paid quickly? An alternative dispute resolution may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Do you want to go the ADR route instead of filing a formal lawsuit?

Do you need help with alternative dispute resolution?

To prepare for ADR for debt collections in Michigan you must:

Gather your evidence: 

  • Gather all documents that relate to the matter.
  • Gather written statements from witnesses familiar with the matter. If your ADR permits or requires live witness testimony, see if your witnesses are available to testify.

Know your case:

  • Prepare a summary of your case. You should stress the three major points of your case. Don’t read the summary at a hearing. You should be prepared to discuss the issues at length if asked, however. 
  • Know your case backward and forward. Even though you may not enjoy studying it, you should also know the other side’s case as well as your own.

Be Professional:

  • Keep your emotions out of it. Be humble, calm, factual, and believable. That’s not to say you should come across as a robot, however! Present your argument while remaining calm, rational, and professional.
  • Dress to impress. You want to send the right message that you’re taking the proceeding seriously.
  • Expect to be interrupted. Sometimes a mediator or arbitrator takes a very active role, questioning you and interrupting you to get clarification.
  • Anticipate technical questions. You may need to bring a witness who is knowledgeable about the technical aspects of your case.

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